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Project LAUNCH

                              Project LAUNCH

              Linking Actions For Unmet Needs In Children's Health


In 2014, Southeastern Indiana became involved with a Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration initiative called Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children's Health). Project LAUNCH intended to improve the overall wellness of young children birth-8 years old and is administered by the Indiana State Department of Health in partnership with the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction. Locally, One Community One Family is the lead agency with several other organizations involvement as well.  Local efforts and implementation are guided by a Local Young Child Wellness Council which meets monthly. For a current list of members go to Committee/Staff tab.  If you are interested in getting involved or learning more, contact One Community One Family at or call 1-877-967-6263


What is the focus of LAUNCH?

LAUNCH focuses on 5 areas in order to improve the overall wellness of young children. Those areas are:

Family strengthening and parent skills training: The goal of this strategy is to help improve outcomes for young children by helping their parents to provide healthy, safe and secure family environments in which to learn and grow.

Screening and assessment in a range of child-serving settings: The goal of this strategy is to increase the use of validated screening instruments (with a particular emphasis on social and emotional functioning) to ensure that developmental issues or concerns are identified and addressed early.

Integration of behavioral health into primary care settings: The goal of this strategy is to increase the likelihood that issues related to young child wellness (particularly social and emotional issues) can be identified and appropriately addressed within the primary care setting.

Mental health consultation in early care and education: The goal of this strategy is to ensure that child care and educational settings provide optimal learning environments for young children that lead to positive development across all domains, with a particular focus on social and emotional development.

Enhanced home visiting through increased focus on social and emotional well-being: The goal of this strategy is to expand and enhance existing home visiting programs, with particular attention to increasing the focus on promoting healthy social and emotional development and behavioral health among children and families participating in home visiting programs.

 Project LAUNCH National Website

What is happening locally?

Incredible Years is an evidence based parenting program for caregivers of children birth-8 years old begin offered through One Community One Family.  The program is offered in both a group format or home coaching.  It is for all types of caregivers and provides tools, knowledge and skills to help prepare children for school and well-rounded relationships.  And, because of LAUNCH funding, this program is FREE! To learn more details follow this link Web Blurb - IY or, to access a referral form click here IY Referral-OCOF 1


Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation and Ohio Valley Opportunity Corporation are both working towards fully implementing the Conscious Discipline behavior program within their Head Start programs.  Conscious Discipline is a model designed to improve classroom behavior and therefore enhance the students' ability to learn.

Several organizations are working towards implementing or expanding the use of screening tools in order to help link children and parents to needed resources.  By using screening tools, the hope is that children and parents in need do not "fall through the cracks".

Mental health consultation is starting to be provided in a variety of settings in order to help providers who work with children to better support their emotional development and address any mental health needs.

Several trainings are continually being offered throughout the community in order to improve the services that a variety of agencies provide.  These trainings include evidence based programs such as Mental Health First Aid and Motivational Interviewing.

Efforts are underway to raise the awareness of everyone in the community in regards to childrens' emotional wellness.  All children have emotional needs and not only should we support a child's physical wellness, but also their emotional wellness.

Other activities will be coming soon!  Keep checking the One Community One Family website for the latest information.


All Project LAUNCH efforts are being evaluated by Indiana University's Collaborative Research Initiative.  As more information and results are available, they will be posted on the Evaluation page of the One Community One Family website.