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As part of our commitment to quality, One Community One Family efforts are evaluated by the Collaborative Research Initiative (CRI) at Indiana University led by Drs. Jeff Anderson and Allison Howland. OCOF began a relationship with Indiana University through the SAMHSA Child Mental Health Initiative cooperative agreement (federal Systems of Care grant) over six years ago. Since that time, IU has served as the external evaluator for the Systems of Care grant as well as the newer Project LAUNCH initiative. In addition, IU has provided evaluation consultation and services to partners of OCOF in a variety of areas. OCOF works with IU to make sure Southeastern Indiana has data and evaluation that is helpful in improving local services.

Evaluation Data for 2015




Evaluation Data for 2014

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2013 Evaluation Data is Now Available:
One Community One Family asks "Are we doing a good job helping

kids and families?"


What is evaluation? 
Evaluation is a systematic assessment to determine the quality of a program.

OCOF has partnered with Indiana University in order to complete an ongoing evaluation of OCOF and services for children and youth in SE Indiana.

There are two parts to the evaluation:

The National Evaluation Study and Local Evaluation Studies.

   National Evaluation

As a part of the CMHI Collaborative Agreement One Community One Family is required to participate in the national evaluation. Children or youth who enter an OCOF care coordination program are invited to participate. Caregivers and youth (11 and older) are contacted at baseline and every 6 months (up to 5 times) to complete a standardized interview. The study data is compared to other children participating in systems of care all over the United States and aggregate information is shared with the community for program improvement. 

   Local Evaluation

These are original studies that are occurring only in SE Indiana that were selected based on community interest.  

The purpose of these studies is to:

•             Help One Community, One Family improve the services it offers.

•             Help other agencies in Southeastern Indiana improve their services.

•             Give kids and families a stronger voice in the system of care and the community.

•             Get more grants to support services provided by One Community, One Family.

•             Show other communities what a system of care can do for kids.
The Evaluation Advisory Board (EAB)
What is the EAB?
The EAB meets monthly to discuss challenges related to the national evaluation data collection and to develop or review local evaluation studies. 

The purpose: The goal of the committee is to ensure that the evaluation is participatory and collects information that is relevant to the needs and strengths of the community.   During the monthly EAB meetings, the committee will discuss any topic that the evaluation team is in need of direction, explore recent data, and distribute data results to the general public. 

Members: The committee includes the external evaluator from Indiana University, external evaluation project manager, OCOF Project Director, CMHC Director of Evaluation, OCOF Co-PI, representatives from area schools, mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, youth, and parents.

Evaluation Resources:
Introduction to Evaluation
What to Expect for Caregivers
What to Expect for Youth
2012 Evaluation Briefs: 
United Families
Education and Symptomatology
Provider Survey 
2011 Evaluation Briefs:
Evaluation Presentations:
If you would like to learn more about the evaluation please contact one of the members of the core evaluation staff:

Jeffery Anderson, PhD

Lead External Evaluator

Indiana University 


Allison Howland, PhD

Co-External Evaluator

Indiana University Purdue University Columbus