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About Us

One Community One Family is Southeastern Indiana's local system of care partnership and is a collaboration of mental health providers, child welfare, juvenile justice, education, families, youth, residential providers, foster parents, community coalitions, social service agencies and other child serving entities.

In order to reach the goal of a true System of Care; One Community One Family works towards the following common goals:

  • Using consumer advocacy to increase true family and youth involvement and empowerment.
  • Improving interagency collaboration and care management for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Improving practice and services of traditional and non-traditional providers through awareness, training, and research with a focus on early childhood, transition age youth, trauma-informed and co-occurring substance abuse.
  • Use outreach and education to improve services for all populations and cultures, including rural, Appalachian, Hispanic, African American and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.
  • Ensure quality evaluation and continuous quality improvement in order to truly improve systems and meet the goals of a system of care.

What is a System of Care?
A system of care is a partnership of child-serving providers, families, youth and community members. This partnership comes together to meet the challenges of children and youth with emotional, behavioral and mental health needs along with the needs of their families. A system of care strives to help children, youth and families function better at home, in school, in the community and throughout life.

This initiative is supported by a grant from the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Families Program of the Center for Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (Grant No. 6 11S5 SM05851802) to Indiana Families and Social Services Administration and One Community, One Family.

Improving Practice

Past Initiatives and Activities

  • As part of CMHC, supported the implementation of Wraparound in Southeastern Indiana.
  • Successfully implemented the SAMHSA Child Mental Health Initiative federal cooperative agreement (Systems of Care grant)
  • DCS Pilot
  • SOC State Conference

Current Initiatives

  • Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children's Health)
  • Tristate Trauma Network: OCOF supports the development of this organization through consultation, fiscal management and other supports. 

        The Tristate Trauma Network is dedicated to creating community-wide commitment to the prevention and recovery from trauma and toxic stress by offering high quality training to professionals, serving as a reliable clearinghouse for information and resources, fostering collaboration, and developing trauma responsive systems of care.

        The Tristate Trauma Network will help the Greater Cincinnatie region become a Center of Excellence for trauma responsive care by:

            ° Poviding affordable locally sourced trauma training.

            ° Creating a website that will at first serve as a clearinghouse for training information, a monthly newsletter and over time growing into a site offering trauma training webinars and supporting the creation of the web based search and refferal system for trauma services (organizations, agencies, hospitals, advocacy groups, etc.).

            ° Continuing to provide opportunity for connection and collaboration of organizations and service providers through convening regular meetings both in local communities and the region.

            ° Creating a more trauma informed system of care by connecting local organizations to system of care training and change efforts while linking with area universities for the development of measureable outcomes.

  • Indiana Systems of Care:
  • Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana Mental Health First Aid Regional Hub: This regional effort is dedicated to the wide spread dissemination of Mental Health First Aid. OCOF has Mental Health First Aid instructors on staff and provide both adult and youth versions throughout Southeastern Indiana.
  • SEL3CT