Our Staff

  • Executive Committee (Board of Directors)
    • Sandy Ante
      Dearborn Co. DCS - Director
    • Lisa Baudendistel
      Laurel Elementary & Jr. High Principal
    • Barbara Bowling
      DCS - Regional Director
    • Sarah Brichto
      Child Advocacy Center
    • Eric Busch
      Margaret Mary Hospital
    • Tammy Cunningham
      SIEOC, Director
    • Brenda Konradi
      Executive Director
    • Tisha Linzy
      Dearborn County Corrections
    • Tracy Mock
      Community Mental Health Center
    • Cathy Piche
    • Kathy Riley
    • RD Riley
    • Jennifer Tackitt
    • Tom Talbot
      Community Mental Health Center
  • Staff
    • Brenda Konradi
       Exective Director
    • Becky Nobbe
      Office Manager
    • Kathy Riley
       Family Advocacy Manager
    • Jodi Alexander
      Early Childhood Manager
    • Robin Kichler
      Early Childhood Coordinator
    • OCOF also contracts with a variety of individuals.
  • Local Young Child Wellness Council
    • Melissa Adamchik
      Tri-state Trauma Network
    • Jodi Alexander
      One Community One Family
    • Barbara Andrews
      SIEOC Headstart
    • Meagan Benetti
      IU Evaluation
    • Brandy Bittner
      New Horizons
    • Denise Burton
      DCS - Ripley County
    • Veronica Chapman
      One Community One Family
    • Becky Cole
      O.V.O. Headstart
    • Joyce Consley
      New Hope Services
    • Molly Dodge
      River Valley Resources
    • Gina Doyle
    • Bethany Ecklor
    • Donald Fraley
    • Jeremiah Fraley
    • Sandra Gabbard
      Healthy Families Decatur Co.
    • Shannon Garrity
      Indiana State Dept of Health
    • Kathleen Grimes
      Benchmark Family Services
    • Sheila Haffner
      New Hope Services
    • Christy Hales
      First Steps
    • Allison Howland
      I.U. Evaluation
    • Cheri Jones
      Impact Program
    • Lisa Kelley
      Pediatrician - Children's Healthcare
    • Brenda Konradi
      One Community One Family
    • Megan Langlais
      LAUNCH Young Child Wellness Partner
    • Ann-Marie Marsh
      Margaret Mary Health
    • Tammi Marshall
      OVO Headstart
    • Amy Matzet
      Childcare Resource & Referral/Parent
    • Tracy Mock
    • Karen Moore
      Southeastern IN YMCA
    • Becky Nobbe
      One Community One Family
    • Vicky Powell
      Ripley County Health Dept.
    • Kathy Riley
    • Jean Robbins
      New Hope Services
    • Erica Roberts
      Ireland Home Based Services
    • Stephanie Schwing-Stamper
      Milan Schools
    • Virginia Sinkhorn
      United Way - Dearborn/Ohio Co.
    • Karen Snyder
      United Way of Greater Cincinnati
    • Jennifer Tackitt
    • Shannon Wheeler
      Shannon Wheeler
  • OCOF staff participates in a variety of councils and committees to support other initiatives and ensure collaboration.
    • Dearborn County Citizens Against Substance Abuse
    • Decatur County Community Action Coalition
    • Stayin’ Alive
    • Coalition for a Drug Free Ohio County
    • Ripley County Drug Awareness Coalition
    • Tristate Trauma Network
    • Batesville Area Resource Center
    • Region 15 Child Fatality Review Team
    • Indiana System of Care Governance
    • Indiana System of Care Youth and Family Subcommittee
    • Indiana Local System of Care Subcommittee
    • Ripley County Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative
    • Decatur County 4 Kids
    • Healthy Communities of Franklin County
    • Jefferson County Mentors for Moms
    • Community Perinatal Taskforce of Jefferson County
    • Jefferson County Clearinghouse Meeting
    • Children’s Consortium of Jefferson County
    • Dearborn County Prevent Child Abuse
    • Decatur County Child Protection Team